17 unique COVID-19 Christmas gift ideas for clients


Times have changed for Christmas gift ideas in the corporate world. Especially at a time where we may not know our customer’s home address. Or, we simply wish to reflect on how we can help our community. Accordingly, water bottles and coffee mugs won’t cut it sometimes.

This year we need to lift people’s spirits and boost morale. They’re more than just material tokens; they’re ways to express gratitude and make people feel valued.

Therefore, here are some gift ideas that show you understand the world around you. It’s a comprehensive list of high-quality corporate and employee gifting ideas, including gift baskets, gift boxes and gift sets that can be used to make their none working hours brighter. Think Christmas season gifts with the personalised touch!

Charity and Community gift ideas for team and clients

The Felix Project

Donate money to feed kids over Christmas in poorer areas

Here’s a worthy gift idea from The Felix Project. This charity helps children and families dealing with hunger year-round by rescuing nutritious surplus food and delivering it for free.

corporate gift

Donate to Football Beyond Borders

Football Beyond Borders supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are passionate about football but disengaged at school. Football Without Borders seeks to help youths finish school, firstly.

Moreover, the charity helps them leave school in a position to become well-adjusted adults.

personal touch

Buy vouchers for local businesses

ForLocal helps our much loved cafes, restaurants & shops to re-open. Buy a voucher for your favourite local business, or gift it to someone in need.

corporate gift

GoFundMe tech or charity – invest in our future on their behalf

GoFundMe is the No.1 online crowdfunding expert. They are the best place to fundraise, whether for an individual, group or organisation.

company gift

KickStarter tech or charity – invest in our future on their behalf

For company gift ideas, Kickstarter make ideas into reality. It’s where creators share new visions for creative work. Moreover, this creative work is in the full view of the communities that will fund them.

unique gift

Ethically sourced toilet roll from ‘who gives a crap’ – 50% of profits fund third world projects

Now here’s a truly great gift idea. Who gives a crap combines toilet humour with making the world a better place. You have the added bonus of being topical.

Lifestyle and hospitality gift ideas for team and clients

holiday season

Booking.com gift card

Exclusive to the holiday season, Booking.com offers gift cards for over 200,000 hotels worldwide as a unique gift. Therefore, the recipient can choose when and where to make memories. From budget to luxurious, near or far, it’s the perfect gift for everyone to enjoy a night or two away.

gift box

A hoppy Christmas with Brewdog Beer bundles or gift vouchers

BrewDog Gift Guide lets you order select products by 15th December to guarantee delivery for Christmas.

gift box

Send fresh pasta or pasta making kids straight to your door

Pasta Evangelists are based at Harrods but deliver pasta to homes across the country. Additionally, they deliver beautiful sauces & garnishes sourced directly from Italy.

They then invite you to prepare a 5-star pasta dish in as little as 5 minutes. You’ll be able to impress amici and delight famiglia alike.

gift box

The Christmas Gin selection from Hoxton & Grey

Hoxton & Grey have a team of expert mixologists dedicated to make their cocktails available to everyone. Look out for their Quarantini Gin as profits go to NHS. You can also do your own business branded bottles

unique gift

Friday night curry subscription

The Spicery aims to capture some of that colour and vibrancy. They make products that make using spices easy, accessible and fun in our modern kitchens.

high quality

A MasterClass membership or class

MasterClass offers thousands of lessons from the best in the industry. Listen to their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures, and successes.

perfect gift

BloomBox monthly plant subscription

BloomBox resident plantsperts have put together gorgeous bundles, readymade combinations and a selection of personal care & homeware products. Bundles & combos make your Christmas gifting a little easier.

unique gift

Subscription to a book club

Books that Matter is a brand putting women’s writing in the spotlight through unique reading experiences. Their bestselling book subscription boxes capture an immersive theme specifically to enlighten, educate and empower. Moreover, it’s done all in a way that feels like a gift every single month.

 Novelty gift ideas for team and clients

gift box

Send them a celebrity Cameo message from your company, thanking them for their support

Cameo offers custom videos from thousands of celebs. Toasts, roasts, and everything in between; connecting fans with their favourite celebrities via personalised video shout-outs.

great gift

You’re on mute jumper

M&S brings a playful touch to video calls with this simple slogan clothing.

gift box

Personalised happiness stationery for work

Martha Brook  gives the gift of stationery! From journals to planners, there’s something for everyone with our range of personalised stationery, no matter the occasion. And, oh: have you left it a little last minute? They’ve got your back with same day dispatch on all orders!

Blabbermouth Marketing is ready and waiting to help you deliver this year’s corporate gifts. Call 0800 977 7077 and let us help you make your communications shine.

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