2022 channel awards are starting sooner than you think!

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JAN ’22 UPDATE – some dates in this blog have been updated to reflect recent event changes.

One of the best aspects of this year’s awards events has been finally seeing our clients, friends and industry leaders face-to-face again!

Yes, there are other opportunities, such as CommsVision or Channel Live, but our industry awards are an opportunity to let your hair down (if you have any) and simply have a great night with your colleagues… And with the introduction of the inaugural Technology Reseller Awards, the fun is not over just yet!

With 30 categories to choose from – ranging from individual achievement awards to channel businesses reducing their environmental impact, as well as separate selections of awards for vendors, distributors and resellers – there’s a category for everyone!

Entries for the Technology Reseller Awards close on
25th February

So it’s worth planning your entries sooner rather than later!
That means you have just one month to submit your awards, and 2022 has already been a busy year!

You could always re-use what you’ve used previously,
but is that honestly the best impression you can offer the judges?

There are probably immediate tasks – such as preparing for Channel Live in March – that are more pressing to resolve. You may not even have considered entering any awards in 2022 due to time constraints, but whatever the reason, this is an opportunity to promote your business that shouldn’t be missed!

No matter the challenges that are preventing you from entering, Blabbermouth Marketing can help you identify the best categories for your goals and work with your team and customers to develop an engaging entry that gets your business noticed!

Then we can make sure that every opportunity to promote your brand and services is used to its full potential. From sponsorships to post-event marketing, engaging with your target customers to post-event sales outreach, Blabbermouth can help you increase revenue, brand credibility and ultimately, make sure your team gets the recognition it deserves!

How to get ahead start on your 2022 awards

For more information on our Awards Retainer, read our blog!

Why outsource your award entries?

There are many reasons to bring in external support for your awards entries, the leading one being that your team can focus on the operation’s immediate needs, while your award entries are still produced to the highest quality.

Our team won’t just write the entry either. In our experience, many entries live or die on the case studies and statistics they include. That’s why we’ll work with your team to develop in-depth case studies, either written or video, interviewing your customers to draw out the numbers and quotes that get you noticed.

Furthermore, your award entries have amazing marketing potential. From sponsorship opportunities to social, webinars to networking opportunities, we’ll make sure that your entries help draw-in new prospects for you to nurture into customers. For example, after designing the engaging PDF that is submitted, we’ll make sure it’s repurposed for your sales team to help them drive new sales.

With over 50 years of channel experience across sales, marketing and leadership roles, Blabbermouth Marketing has the experience to know what will light-up the judges’ eyes and get you shortlisted! Plus, a second pair of eyes and a separate opinion is never a bad thing.

We have an incredibly strong track-record of achieving finalist nods for our clients and endeavour to win any award we enter on their behalf, highlighting the unique cultures, service and support that is required to separate the winners from the finalists.

So, book a call with our team to discover how we can support not only your awards, but your further marketing and customer engagement, through your awards, and check out all the categories below to see which you could enter!

Categories to choose from:

  • Audio Visual Vendor of the Year
  • Cyber Security Vendor of the Year
  • Cloud Services Vendor of the Year
  • Communications & Networking Vendor of the Year
  • Software Vendor of the Year
  • Computing Vendor of the Year
  • Document Workflow (Scanners/MPS/Print) Vendor of the Year
  • Audio Visual Distributor of the Year
  • Cyber Security Distributor of the Year
  • Hosted Cloud Services Distributor of the Year
  • Communications & Networking Hardware Distributor & Wholesale Provider of the Year
  • Software (Cloud & On-Prem) Distributor of the Year
  • Computing (Device & Infrastructure) Hardware Distributor of the Year
  • Document Workflow (Scanners/MPS/Print) Distributor of the Year
  • Industry Distributor of the Year
  • SMB Reseller/MSP of the Year (Turnover up to £10 million)
  • Enterprise Reseller/MSP of the Year (Turnover £10 – £50 million)
  • Corporate Reseller/MSP of the Year (£50m+)
  • Public Sector Reseller/MSP of the Year
  • Technology Reseller/MSP Solution Install of the Year
  • Industry Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Outstanding Industry Leadership Award 2022
  • Computing Device of the Year
  • Software Product of the Year
  • Communications Product of the Year
  • TR Award for Innovation
  • TR Award for Best Marketing Campaign
  • TR Award for Technical Services & Implementation Provider
  • TR Award for Leasing & Finance Provider
  • TR Award for Sustainability

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