Awards season 2020: A silver lining to a one-of-a-kind year


Awards season may have come later than expected this year, but the challenges we’ve all faced have only proved and strengthened the amazing relationships throughout the Channel. 

With such a demanding year nearly behind us, it’s been great to see the ‘cream of the Channel crop’ let their hair down and celebrate the phenomenal work accomplished.

From the to the CNAs and CRNs to the upcoming CBAs and CDSMAs (and every acronym in between) there’s been plenty of opportunities to prove the dedication and diligence of your team. With over 90 categories between just those four events, there’s certainly a category for every single Channel business. Especially when you consider all the more specific and even broader awards events, like the Global Carrier Awards or Lloyds National Business Awards.

From a more self-centred point of view, it’s been a great year for both Blabbermouth and its clients. The ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Best Channel Support Service category at the CNAs was a great honour and several of our clients also won awards in their categories.

Taking into account every event entered in 2020, there hasn’t been a single one where we haven’t at least achieved a finalist nod for our clients.

While every business wants the top prize, even a finalist nomination is great indicator of your operation’s quality and credibility. Whether you include it in your email signatures or add it to your website alongside your testimonials and accreditations, it’s a valuable asset and another arrow in your quiver when you’re attracting new customers.

Now with the CRN Channel Awards behind us, the CDSMAs on the 10th of December and the CommsBusiness Awards in January aren’t far off. This is certainly a longer awards season than first expected, but we can’t wait to see what the future holds for both Blabbermouth and our clients. We’re already looking to 2021 events and planning how we can take our record even further!

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