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Brand Workshop: Bring your brand strategy to life with impact and consistency.

Let’s face it, at some point every business is going to need to refresh their brand. This could be for any number reasons. Maybe your existing branding is out of date or you want to re-brand to reach out to a different target audience? Or is it that you are simply not getting the results you want with your current marketing?

There are a variety of ways businesses can begin to address the issue of re-branding. One of the most effective is a brand marketing workshop.

What is a brand marketing workshop and what are the steps to branding your business?

Our tried and tested Brand Workshop process has helped clients like Sky, Wavenet and ACS create brands that form a shared and strongly differentiated vision. You will have an actionable framework.

We guide stakeholders in developing and articulating their brand’s purpose, proposition and personality. Plus, we help map out the practical details of how the brand can become a unifying force. We touch every area that drives your business.

All future communications will cascade from this important session. We enable a compelling, coherent and consistent approach to the market.

Our Blabbershop will:

  • Ignite your business’s purpose, defining the essence at the core of your brand and business.
  • Spark the imaginations of your senior team through a powerful and deliverable shared vision.
  • Illuminate your firm’s irresistible points of difference.
  • Create an elevator pitch that enables your unique value propositions to shine.
  • Inform a marketing action plan that spreads your messages like wildfire.

If you need help with your creative strategy, campaign development, or simply getting more out of your marketing efforts, then a Brand Marketing Workshop is probably the best decision you could make for your business.

Why not book a Branding workshop?

Blabbermouth will conduct a complete brand review for your organisation to ensure your branding is working effectively for your business.
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