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While there’s certainly no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to channel marketing, the team at Blabbermouth whole-heartedly believe that the principle of joined-up marketing is the right direction.

Here’s why:

Joined-up marketing

Similar to siloed systems in an end-user’s operation, your individual marketing systems – and campaigns – can’t reach their full potential if they’re not linked to each other, as well as the broader initiatives and goals of the business.

For example, if your email marketing and web platforms aren’t linked, how can you tell who in your mailing list is also interacting with your website?

Or in the case of specific campaigns, if you’re running a fibre campaign, and not linking those marketing emails to a recent case study on a successful fibre deployment that’s available on your website, then you’re missing a trick!

Better reporting

Taking that first example even further, once your marketing channels are all linked together, you’ve got a much more accurate bird’s-eye-view of all your initiatives and their performance.

This is ideal when focusing on volume lead generation at events, for example. Data captured at the event can be automatically migrated into campaign workflows, ensuring leads are nurtured in with relevant, product-specific emails.

As leads interact with those nurture emails, you can start identifying the contacts most likely to lead to a sale, based on all the other interactions they have with your website, social media posts, landing pages etc.

Having all that information within one platform then makes it far easier to equate what’s been invested in those events to tangible leads and new customers!


Growing your business inevitably leads to more work to complete than hours in the workday. And even as your team grows, marketing teams especially have to wear multiple hats, managing social channels, campaigns and events to name a few.

Not only can this lead to staff burn-out and drops in morale, but creativity takes time and mental space – having marketers rushing to complete tasks won’t deliver the most creative and engaging campaigns!

Automating your marketing workflows not only saves time for your team, in turn improving morale, but also ensures your leads get the content they want to see in a timely manner.

Going back to our fibre campaign, if a lead reads an email and clicks a link to learn more about the benefits of fibre for a specific vertical, you could set your workflow to send them templated emails that provide more vertical-specific content periodically.

In turn, your business becomes perceived as more of a trusted advisor than simply trying to sell something, building trust and credibility between you and your next potential customer!

The templated workflow emails could even include personalisation tokens too, so the emails are addressed to the person rather than a generic ‘hello’! This helps increase engagement too, as it gives the impression of a person sending the email rather than a bot.

However, these automated workflows require a solid CRM platform, and as a HubSpot Platinum Partner, you can guess who we tend to recommend. There are plenty of alternatives available, and any marketing agency worth their salt should be able to work with whatever CRM is already in use if the functionality is there.

Making marketing work harder

When the broader goals of the business inform your marketing efforts, you can make your resources work harder.

Consider the fibre upsell campaign again – you want to remove as many steps in the sales cycle as possible, to make the prospect’s journey to becoming a customer as smooth as possible.

Linking appropriate case studies in emails is one way. Adding a Call to Action on that same email – sending clickers directly to a page linked to a salesperson’s calendar – makes it far easier for the conversation to start.

Even mentioning a recent awards win could be the difference between a potential customer making contact or not, re-affirming our point that all your marketing initiatives need to work together, to deliver the best return on investment!

All told, the challenges the channel faces are nothing new – saving time, maintaining visibility and maximising ROI.

But, with new technologies like automation and the right methodology, you can break through them and make your marketing work far harder than it already is, delivering a higher level of engagement with prospects and ultimately leading to more sales!

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