Challenge your ‘brand belief’ – Can you answer these 8 questions?

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A great core brand belief attracts customers into your business because they believe in what the brand projects. In many B2C examples, it can answer their social or self-esteem needs. In B2B it can make them feel confident and savvy. Ultimately it should strongly resonate and create an emotional reaction.

A strong core brand belief is essential to successful brand stretch. However, identifying and establishing a true core brand belief can be very tricky…

Here are 8 interesting questions and examples that can help you uncover and define your brand belief:

1. How does your brand make people feel?

e.g. Dettol’s peace of mind makes people feel safe.

2. If it had a soul, how would you describe it?

e.g. Google’s soul is that of being a great helper.

3. If your brand had to campaign for votes what would it campaign for or against?

e.g. Dove campaigns to raise the self-esteem of girls and women.

4. What made your brand famous in the first place?

e.g. Adidas strove for excellence from the word go. It was established in 1924 with the mission to provide athletes with the best equipment and it delivered Olympic gold for its athletes in 1928 and 1936.

5. What’s truly distinctive about the brand personality, if anything?

e.g. First Direct Bank’s ‘realness’; real people having real conversations 24/7.

6. What promise does it give consumers that it lives and dies by?

e.g. Ben & Jerry’s incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the environment.

7. What does the brand own emotionally that you would defend to the death to keep hold of?

e.g. Maltesers’ light-heartedness.

8. Is there something your brand solves that can give some form of emotional freedom or enjoyment?

e.g. Persil’s ‘dirt is good’.

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