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Call it what you want; e-marketing, e-shotting, e-casts – this form of marketing has been essential for all businesses, since the ‘dot-com boom’, to push brand and promotional messaging. It’s a pivotal strategy for integrated marketing campaigns and serves as a method, not only promote a product but also to enrich customer communication and improve brand awareness.

The advantages to leveraging e-marketing (as opposed to print or in-person) are huge. Especially at the moment, while most people’s work-life is being primarily spent online. They are also comparatively low-cost; meaning your reach can be as targeted or as broad as you’d like and analysis is near-instant.

The main downside is that all of us are bombarded by e-marketing campaigns on a daily basis and therefore, we bin many of them without a second glance.

So, what are businesses to do and what other digital avenues can be explored?

Email marketing top-tips

The key to successful e-marketing is to entice the recipient to open the mail, read it and then act upon it. This may seem obvious, but with so many other distractions competing for our attention, these three actions will only be driven by powerful messaging that interest the reader.


Subjects matter

With over 240 billion emails sent in 2019 alone, and every worker receiving an average of 129 emails per day (20% of which are spam) the first lesson here is – have a compelling subject line that does not use words that automatically get flagged as spam such as ‘free’ and ‘win’.

Clear Call to Actions

Getting your reader to continue their journey in becoming a purchaser is vital, so make sure you are giving readers clear instructions for what you are hoping to achieve, checking that you have plainly conveyed this in your messaging.
Landing pages are especially important for getting prospects to fill in their details if your call to action is targeted or product-specific. So, make sure you have not overlooked this extra element of your campaign before you press the send button.


Let them leave

Lastly don’t forget the boring bits. It’s vital that you have a clear unsubscribe process that is correctly managed. Failure to do so could not only cost you money but your team will receive annoying phone calls from Mr Angry demanding to speak to you.

And one thing is for sure in this scenario – if Mr Angry later decides the products you’re selling are of use, he’ll be visiting a competitor of yours, considering that you wouldn’t let him unsubscribe from your emails!

New call-to-action

Following those three widgets of wisdom will help you get the most from your next email campaign, but how else can you entice your readers? What’s new in the world of e-marketing and what is most appropriate for the ‘new normal’ everyone is now talking about?


Awesome Animations

Not everyone is a camera lover, and the TV (or laptop screen) still adds 10 pounds, so many businesses have been looking to animations as a way to reach out – via social media especially – and get the word out about new products and services.


Wonderful Webinars

Now that in-person meetings are rare, if at all, businesses have relied on webinars to present to larger groups than one would expect on a Teams call. This enables businesses to promote/present their products to wider audiences, especially when collaborating with strategic partners, trade publications and media houses.


Beautiful Backgrounds

Video-chat platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have exploded in popularity over the past 6 months. Now that a user-friendly way of changing Teams backgrounds has been added to the app, many creative minds have started to use their backgrounds as another form of marketing.


Vicarious VR meetings

Just as with webinars, VR meetings help you keep the back-and-forth of in-person meetings. The only difference is that you’re in a virtual space, with a virtual face.

The main requisite to having successful VR meetings though, is having someone on the other end who also has a VR headset, as well as the bandwidth to back it up! As the technology becomes more wide-spread and the Price of Entry falls, we expect operations to start leveraging VR meetings regularly, to help bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.


While VR meetings haven’t made it to Blabbermouth Marketing yet, we’ve got experience in creating engaging animations, designing custom Teams backgrounds and facilitating webinars with hundreds of attendees for our clients, and we can help you too!

Whether you want to stick to traditional e-marketing conventions or try something different, get in touch or call 0800 977 7077 today. We can guide you with over 50 years of Channel experience and a team with all the content creation, design and digital skills to bring your products and services to life.

New call-to-action

*Statistics sourced from: https://www.radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Email-Statistics-Report-2015-2019-Executive-Summary.pdf


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