Optimising trade show conversations


This blog highlights strategies and technologies exhibitors can use to accelerate conversations – without losing the personal touch – to ensure every potential lead is captured accurately and completely!

Business card scanners

A business card scanner makes capturing customer data from leads far quicker, with less chance of human error creeping in, as the data makes its way into CRMs!

For example, HubSpot’s FREE business card scanning app just has three simple steps to take all the info within visitor’s business cards:

1. Open the app
2. Click ‘create contact’
3. Scan the business card

From there, HubSpot will automatically pair the data on the card and map it to the right HubSpot properties.

Once the contact is created, you get all the power of HubSpot behind it – automatic contact-company association, the ability to send tracked follow-up emails, calling, tasks and much more.

This workflow prevents several common issues in capturing lead data at exhibitions. For example, Exhibitors misspelling names or email addresses, and leads being put-off by lengthy data capture forms when they’ve got other places to be.

If exhibitors are running competitions where entrants leave a business card to enter the raffle, for example, it also means all that info can be ingested post-event, far quicker too!

Dealing with volume

We all want our stands to be rammed with people interested with what’s on offer… But how can you handle volume when there aren’t enough people on stands to offer 1-2-1 conversations?

Time-delaying tactics, like the ones below, can help absorb that waiting time (almost like those on-hold messages while waiting for a customer services rep) and ensure prospects don’t get bored waiting to speak to someone at your stand:

  • Video presentations
  • Leaflets/takeaways
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Extra seating/refreshments
Each of these can give your team a couple of extra minutes to finish off previous conversations and greet a prospect.

By offering those visitors something to interact with – a brand intro video, tech explainer or video case study, for example – could help keep them engaged those extra few minutes needed, before they decide to move on to another stand!

Connected takeaways

Giving visitors something to take with them – a flyer or branded water bottles for example – isn’t just about providing product details or keeping brands in the minds of visitors. They should be designed to keep the conversation going!

Even if you do all you can to prevent visitors walking away without a 1-2-1 conversation, some will fall through the cracks and a key priority should be ensuring you can still capture the details of those leads.

For example, Blabbermouth Marketing gave out free hand sanitisers to all exhibitors and visitors at 2022’s Channel Live… And it wasn’t just to make sure everyone was staying Covid-conscious!

Those same hand sanitisers weren’t just conversation starters, they all had QR codes that would take scan-ees to a Landing Page, where they could access some piece of beneficial marketing-themed content in return for their contact details.

Not only did this help capture more leads (from those we didn’t have time to do manually), but it also helped strengthen the analytics for post-event internal discussions.

This enabled the events team to assess the success of all the various initiatives leveraged throughout the event and explore ways to optimise which, and where, time and resources go for future events!

Need to capture leads at Channel Live, or any other trade shows you have later in the calendar year?

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