The 4 key benefits of a great brand

Brand and Branding

Your brand is a large part of your business’s assets.

In this customer-centric age, business as usual is no longer enough. Our clients are tasked with delivering more creative innovations, better service, and an overall experience that excites their customers so much that they want to promote it for the long term. This requires empowering your workforce with data, resources and enough freedom to use them for the shared interests of both the customer and the business.

But how can the stakeholders make sure that their teams understand these interests and act in ways that are consistent? There are four key benefits of having a clear and well designed brand.

At Blabbermouth Marketing we create a brand strategy that acts as a benchmark for all your business activity.

The four key benefits of building a great brand are:

  • Differentiation: In most cases you will have direct competitors offering similar, if not the same products. A brand strategy helps you to position yourself apart from the competition.
  • Consistency: Your staff will have a clear understanding of what the brand is all about, which will achieve greater advocacy throughout the company, and everyone they come into contact with.
  • Connection: Building a strong strategic brand framework helps to create a genuine connection, based on common goals with your most desired customer and the market. The journey to building trust is the ultimate route to a purchase decision.
  • Benchmark: Having a brand strategic framework to generate activity against will ensure you continue to accurately reflect your company’s purpose, values and personality. It becomes a tool to sense check decisions in the business.

Branding is now considered the most successful tool a business can develop. A business’s brand value is such a large part of its assets that the question you have to ask yourself is: “What do I lose by not establishing my brand?”

Our tried and tested Brand Workshop process has helped clients like Sky, Wavenet and ACS create brands that from a shared and strongly differentiated vision, within an actionable framework.

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