The case for outsourcing has never been so compelling!


We don’t need to keep harping about covid or its aftermath, but there is one unavoidable truth.

On March 23rd 2020, we were all instructed to work from home; unless impossible to do otherwise, the workplace was changed forever. (This isn’t another WFH message; rather, it is to highlight that this time has introduced possibilities for outsourcing specialist skills for companies of all sizes, especially those within niche fields such as telecoms).

Despite lifting restrictions, there has been an overwhelming reluctance to return to old ways. Businesses insisting on this have caused a tidal wave of employee unrest, with many choosing to look for a new role rather than return to the office full time.


"A third of workers have not been back to the office for TWO years, study suggests, as employers fight to get them to return after Covid pandemic"


"52% of employees say flexible work policies will affect the decision to stay at their organisation"

As an employer, I miss having a full office. I like nipping between desks, seeing people in the flesh, and having a quick chat whilst making a cuppa rather than a scheduled teams chat. I don’t consider myself a micro-manager, so it’s not because I don’t trust my staff. I know they are doing an excellent job for our clients, but a sense of community is harder to maintain in the hybrid working environment.

Despite that, I consider Blabbermouth one of the lucky businesses. When covid hit, we were already operating an impressive tech stack for ourselves and our client’s management. When lockdown arrived, we simply switched to remote working, and it was as if we were in the office, just with less table tennis. We didn’t have to slow down, furlough or shut down our operation at any point. To some extent, we were on the frontline of our client businesses, managing comms and marketing the remote working solutions that would contribute toward companies remaining operable. We were seen as a ‘go to’ to get things done in a new world, with the resources and skills to act quickly.

When I first set up Blabbermouth, I occasionally had business owners tell me they were choosing to invest in an ‘in-house’ marketer (or team) rather than our service; they preferred ‘bums on seats’. Now, however, the term ‘in-house’ has been changed forever, and when at first we may have been seen as an outsourced agency, we are now simply part of the customer team. We, too, visit their offices, the same as the primary body staff; however, a blabbermouth engagement enables businesses to access many specialist skill sets across multiple disciplines including; creative, brand, web, digital, content and strategy.

If hybrid and remote working models continue, which there are no signs they will not, then the case for outsourcing some aspects of your business operation has never been so compelling.

Here are my top reasons why you should maybe consider talking to us about your marketing:

I’ll start with an important one, COST.

Marketing and sales are similar in that the investment should when done well, return to the business in multiples; however, there is a period upfront when you want to know it makes commercial sense, so here goes;

  • For the price of one hire, we can offer you access to the full suite of marketing expertise through our specialist teams.
  • You save on recruitment costs, training costs and equipment costs.
  • You don’t need to worry about staff churn, handovers, compacted fees, holiday entitlement, leave.
  • You don’t need to pay for the tech stack to deliver your marketing, software, hardware, home-office equipment and office space.
  • It is tax efficient.
  • And a Blabbermouth engagement acquires the wealth of knowledge of our execs who are hands-on with our business owners. We’ve run businesses ourselves and can provide a sounding board on a senior level that is impossible to achieve without recruiting a big salary.

Next, you want RESULTS, correct?

  • All our marketers are knowledgeable in the products and services of the telecoms and IT market, so there is no settling-in period or training period whereby you must educate the team on your routes to market, customers or products. We get it!
  • We know our engagement is based on results meaning we are proactive in delivering your business objectives.
  • We are quick out of the blocks, our longevity in delivering telecoms marketing strategies over the last 12 years means we can leverage this experience for our client’s business. There is no lengthy onboarding time required we get started from day 1.

And you want successful marketing without acting like a sponge on your TIME!

  • Outsourcing frees up your time, and you don’t need to worry about the nuances of marketing management, managing the team, auditing your results – we do all that for you so you can get on with driving the business.
  • As a full service agency, we are able to operate marketing strategies from end-to-end, or integrate with your existing resource.
  • We are also able to engage for multiple specialist areas meaning our clients are never in the position of having to engage with multiple agencies to deliver their objectives.

Finally, you want IDEAS!

  • Having a sizeable multi-discipline team enables us to brainstorm ideas efficiently. We know what is happening in the market, what has been done before and what works. This knowledge means we can focus on keeping our client’s marketing fresh, creative and unique and help them stand out amongst their competitors.

I am sure the same can be said for many office functions. Recruiting the top skill set remotely or in a hybrid has replaced the old ethos of building in-house teams. The case for outsourcing is not exclusive to marketing, and I suspect the storm caused by the current recruitment upheaval may further drive conversations about the benefits of outsourcing elements of the business.

Ultimately, if you can get better skills contributing to and operating your business objectives, why wouldn’t you consider outsourcing when the remote working revolution mitigates the only downside?

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